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About TWX Proxy
   TWX Proxy is a new Trade Wars 2002 helper program designed to assist experienced players of the game in their 'art'. Unlike most other helpers, the idea of this program is to simply provide a sidelined assistance in the game rather than directing its play.

TWX Proxy is built completely on user scripts - no scripts or game features are inbuilt with the exception of the recording of sector data. This makes scripts easy to modify and create for yourself, adding great flexibility for script writers.

The program itself and the first script pack are completely free and unrestricted, however script pack 2 holds a small pricetag of $30 USD.


TWX Proxy is designed as a proxy server - meaning that instead of acting as a telnet program would, it sits inbetween a telnet program and the trade wars server.

Telnet <> TWX Proxy <> Server

This gives TWX Proxy great flexibility, as it can be used simultaneously with other helpers to get the best of both worlds. It also allows you to have any number of telnet programs connected to it, meaning you can have your corporate buddies see everything you see!

One of the main features of TWX Proxy is its sector information database. This database automatically stores the details of every sector ever seen, and even stores warp information from plotted courses (very useful for ZTM!). You can query this data at any time, whether you are connected to a server or not. Included in these queries is a basic bubble finder, and a large variety of different ways of finding specific sectors which are different from others. Sectors pulled out of the queries are reconstructed and displayed as if you were sitting right there.

From this database you can also do perform a number of useful operations to help out your corporate buddies, such as exporting warp specs, bubble lists and deadend lists in raw text format.

Of course, no helper would be complete without scripts! All TWX Proxy's scripts are 100% external, every non-pack2 script can be edited in any standard text editor and manipulated to work any way you want it to. TWX Proxy even supports the ability to load multiple scripts simultaneously! Scripts can be tied to events such as clock times being hit, certain text being received, connections, disconnections, etc. It is literally possible to make the game play itself using TWX Proxy.

Ontop of these features is a message history, advanced logging system, and much much more!