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Pack 1 Scripts:

1_Port.ts - A basic port pair trading script with haggling. To use without haggling, simply set the markup/markdown percentage to 0%. This script will automatically trade the most profitable products between the two ports.

1_PortFast.ts - A VERY simple port pair trading script. Does not haggle and does not always trade the most profitable product. This script would only be useful if you had to trade up alot of cash in a hurry (i.e. race for SD at start of game with cash onhand).

1_Scout.ts - A simple navigation script which navigates the game with the use of a density scanner. Useful for scouting in high turn/time games.

1_Trade.ts - A modified version of 1_Scout.twx which docks at ports while it goes. You could argue this is a basic version of a world trade script. Does not haggle products and frequently docks at ports where there is no profit for it. Designed for unlimited turn games.

1_SSM.ts - A basic Sell-Steal-Move script. Does not haggle and makes first steal from the sector the player is in.

1_SST.ts - A basic Sell-Steal-Transport script. Again, does not haggle and steals first from the OPPOSITE sector.

1_TCol.ts - Basic trans-colonisation script. This script takes fuel from a planet or port within the same sector as the planet your colonising, then twarps to sector 1 and back dropping off colonists. Fast and effective. Does not use planetary transporter (yet).

1_ECol.ts - Basic express-colonisation script. An unsafe way of colonising, just express warps between the two sectors dropping off colonists. Could be good for unlimited turn games while no one else is online. Will get interrupted if anything blocks the express warp. Runs VERY fast.

1_Move.ts - A move product script. Works over multiple hops. Nice and fast and safe if not obstructed.

1_MoveCol.ts - A move colonist script. Works over multiple hops. Nice and fast and safe if not obstructed.

1_MoveFig.ts - A move figs script. Works over multiple hops. Nice and fast and safe if not obstructed.

1_Login.ts - A TWGS login script. Requires you set several program variables before you run it.

1_ZTM.ts - A slow but near 100% accurate ZTM script.

1_ZTMFast.ts - A faster and more configurable multi-pass ZTM script.

1_KeepAlive.ts - A basic idle script which sends a "#" every 60 seconds. Used to keep your connection alive.

Pack 2 Scripts:

File Name Purpose
2_SDT.tsSDTPerforms the popular Steal-Dump-Transport red cashing method between two ships.
2_SDF.tsSDFPerforms the difficult and time consuming Steal-Dump-Flee red cashing method between two sectors.
2_SST.tsSSTPerforms the popular Sell-Steal-Transport red cashing method between two ships.
2_SSF.tsSSFPerforms the uncommon Sell-Steal-Flee routine used for red cashing between two sectors.
2_Col.tsColonisationColonises a planet in a large variety of ways.
2_Find.tsFindNavigates the game in search of a particular sector.
2_Query.tsQueryPerforms an advanced and configurable query on the TWX Proxy Database.
2_Ping.tsPing'Pings' fellow players when performing the SSF/SDF red cashing routines.
2_WorldSSMWorld SSMSeeks out and automatically SSMs ports at high speed in unlimited turn games.
2_WorldTrade.tsWorld TradeSeeks out and trades down port pairs automatically.
2_BuildBuildCompletely automates all base building (trading, planet busting, colonising, upgrades, base location searching).
2_BuyDownPort Buy DownBuys products down from a port.
2_Evil.tsEvilPerforms SDT, SST or RTR between a near limitless number of ships.
2_Gather.tsGatherSeeks out and gathers a one type of product onto a planet.
2_MassColoniseMass ColoniseColonises every planet in a sector.
2_MassUpgradeMass UpgradeUpgrades the citadel of every planet in a sector.
2_ProbeProbeSends ether-probes out from the stardock.
2_Sentinel.tsSentinelMonitors the CLV, CIM and user online list, reporting or logging all changes.

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Warning: None of these scripts have been designed for earlier versions of Trade Wars 2002. All scripts have been tested and found to work on later versions of TWGS (Revision 46 and above) and TWv3. Absolutely no guarantee is made that they will work on versions prior to this.