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File name: 2_Build

Purpose: Completely automates all base building (trading, planet busting, colonising, upgrades, base location searching).

Trigger Point: Sector command prompt

- Automatic location of a new base sector
- Automatic, configurable and intelligent 'busting' of base planets
- Bust algorithm automatically resupplies Gentorps and Dets from stardock
- Automatic colonise fuel source searching
- Automatic and configurable colonising of all constructed planets
- Run-time colonising calculation used to prevent planets from being overloaded
- Able to upgrade the sector port for more colonising fuel (configurable)
- Calculation of best category to deposit colonists
- Able to perform Express-Warp colonising if fuel levels are low
- Automatic upgrading of all constructed planets
- Intelligent seeking of products to upgrade planets with
- Fast and efficient gathering of products
- Super-fast product movement when shifting products around one sector
- Uses World Trade algorithm to keep credit levels up
- Fully automatic seeking and trading of port pairs
- Full optional haggling support
- Intelligent and configurable movement algorithm able to avoid hazards
- Super-fast burst trading of ports with displays off when not haggling
- Can be adjusted to drop fighters, mines, or just about anything
- Easy to use configuration menu
- Resistant to interference from in-game messages
- Automatically resumes process if disconnected (when used with login script)
- Works for both blue and red players

Usage: Run this script from a deep space sector. You will need at least a holo-scanner on your ship, although it is strongly recommended that you also have a transwarp drive.

It is strongly recommended that you have at least 50 cargo holds if you are TWarp colonising. This is because of the cargo holds needed to hold the fuel to TWarp you.

If you are low on cash when starting the script, it will automatically trade it up for you using the World Trade algorithm.

For planet building to be successful, terra needs to have a decent number of colonists. If it runs out, you'll find the script just scouting around searching for them.

Warnings: Keep your ship strongly defended at all times. The busting of planets and general wear-and-tear from scouting will add up damage very quickly.

The frequency with which this script visits fedspace, the excessive E-Warping and scouting algorithms will make this script easy to hunt by even the greenest player. Be very careful about running it in hostile games unless you are a super-power.

Never, never, ever, run this script in a low turn game.

Notes: This script uses subroutines shared by the following other pack2 scripts:

- World Trade
- Mass Colonise
- Mass Upgrade
- Gather
- Buydown

.. in addition to a planet busting/creation subroutine.

Because of the massively broad scope of this script and the variance of modern game settings, this script is not extremely reliable; it instead exists as more of a demonstration of what can be done using the pack2 subroutines.