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File name: 2_Evil.ts

Purpose: Performs SDT, SST or RTR between a near limitless number of ships.

Trigger Point: Sector command prompt

- Fast and configurable SDT, SST and RTR
- Works with a near limitless number of ships
- Fully configurable and port-independant haggle support
- Able to broadcast bust information on sub-space radio
- Cumulative steal quantity based from player experience for maximum profit
- Cumulative rob amount based from player experience
- Easy to use configuration menu
- Resistant to interference from in-game messages
- Fast product sales when haggling is not required
- Automatic and intelligent port upgrades
- Automatic and efficient sell-offs and port/planet onhand equipment tracking

Usage: Run this script from the command prompt in any one of the ships you are working from. This script will make its first steal from the ship you start it in, then continue through the list of ships in order from first to last.

Sectors for which you are performing SDT MUST have a source of equipment - either on the port you are stealing from or on the first planet in that sector. Ships used for SDT must have empty holds.

Sectors for which you are performing SST must have either equipment in their holds, or they must be empty. The SST subroutine will automatically upgrade work ports as necessary.

Sectors you are performing RTR in must have credits onhand to rob. If an RTR port runs out of credits, the port will be treated as though the ship busted in it (it will be removed from the work list so that the script can continue).

The formula that calculates how many credits the RTR subroutine will rob is experience * rob factor.

You will need to be in control of any fighters in the sectors you are working - if enemy fighters are placed, the script will hang.

Warnings: Make sure all ships are within transport range of eachother.

Do not run this script at ports you have active busts at - this will fake bust you.

Make sure you have your steal and rob factors set correctly. Setting them too high will cause you to bust far more than you otherwise should.

Notes: RTR (Rob-Transport-Rob) is an old-fashioned but effective way of making money as an evil player. Unfortunately, it is very dependant on your experience. The 4 turn cycle is as follows:

1. Rob credits from port A
2. Transport to ship B
3. Rob credits from port B
4. Transport to ship A

Typically, it is unsafe to steal more than your experience multiplied by 3. However, different games may have different rob settings.

For more information on the SDT and SST routines, see 2_SST and 2_SDT.