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Mass Colonise

File name: 2_MassColonise

Purpose: Colonises every planet in a sector.

Trigger Point: Sector command prompt

- Automatic colonisation of every planet in a sector
- Automatic colonise fuel source searching
- Calculation of best category to deposit colonists
- Run-time colonising calculation used to prevent planets from being overloaded
- Support for E-Warp colonising
- Resistant to interference from in-game messages
- Safeguards to prevent accidental blind-warp

Usage: Run this script from the command prompt of a sector you want filled with colonists. The script will continue to colonise until all the planets are full, terra is out of colonists, or no more fuel is available (if E-Warp colonising is disabled).

Warnings: Do not run this script in a low turn game.

All avoids set in the path between the sector you are colonising and terra MUST be kept clear. This is important because the script calculates its fuel needs through calculations made in the ship's computer. If your avoids are not clear you may find that the script is taking more fuel ore than it should.

E-Warp colonising is very easy to track and can be extremely dangerous. Do not attempt this in hostile games.

If your player experience is 1000 or above, it is very easy for other players to take shots at you while you colonise. The script will provide no protection against this - try to make sure your ship is heavily armed.

Experienced players may try to track your planet's location through calculations based on your colonist pickup. If you are concerned about this, try carrying 2-6 holds of organics or equipment while you colonise.

Notes: When used in combination with 2_MassUpgrade, this script gives an easy way to automate the uglier areas of unlimited turn play.