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File name: 2_Probe

Purpose: Sends ether-probes out from the stardock.

Trigger Point: Sector command prompt at stardock

- Automatic and configurable probe routine
- Credit limit prevents script from using too many credits
- Turn limit to control script turn usage
- Support for classic "avoid" probing
- Support for definition of "search" sector, script stops after this sector is found
- Can work from a probe list or just every sector in the game
- Able to output probe results to text files
- Easy to use configuration menu
- Resistant to interference from in-game messages

Usage: Run this script from the sector prompt in the stardock sector. You will need a decent amount of credits onhand which the script will use to buy probes. Note that the script will make use of any probes onhand before buying more.

Warnings: If you are not safe from attack in fedspace, be VERY careful about running this script - as you will be an easy target for your enemies.

Be wary of other players trying to surround the stardock with their fighters as soon as they spot you probing. Trying to probe from a surrounded sector will give very poor results; its often wiser to wait until the other players are away from the keyboard, offline, or asleep.

Avoid running this script from any sector except for the stardock.

Notes: Probing early in a game is an excellent way of improving your chances of finding areas of importance. Simple things such as finding class 0 ports, checking deadends and finding towed players become much easier with a good probe script.

This script is powerful when used in combination with 2_Query, as you can use the output from 2_Query as a probe list.