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File name: 2_Sentinel.ts

Purpose: Monitors the CLV, CIM and user online list, reporting or logging all changes.

Trigger Point: Anywhere global functions are supported

- Turnless monitoring and reporting of CLV, CIM and User Online changes
- Can be run from anywhere
- Ability to broadcast changes on sub-space radio
- Ability to log changes to a file, showing their date and time
- Monitoring of a particular corp in the game, will notify if fighters belonging to this corp are attacked (identified through alignment changes)
- "Inactivity mode" allows the script to run in the background, activating if an inactivity warning is received

Usage: You can run this script from anywhere that has access to the global game commands. Unfortunately, to make use of CLV checks you will need to be either in a planet citadel or at the sector command prompt.

Inactivity mode allows the script to run in the background while you play. If an inactivity warning is noticed, the script will automatically activate and start reporting changes. If you press a key, the script will return to its background status.

If the script is run while offline from the TWGS server, it will automatically enter inactivity mode with the same settings as the last time it was used. This means you can add the script to your Auto Run list and have it running every time you are in the game.

Warnings: Not all players enjoy having their teammates report every minor detail on sub-space. If you are working with a full corp, it is often a better idea to set the 'CLV Detail Level' option to 'LOW'.

Notes: This script can be used for CIM hunting. Simply turn off the CLV and Online user checking, and set the cycle time to something low (below 5000ms). This should give you near real-time reports on changes that occur within your explored area.

The information shown by this script should not be underestimated. USO 2002 (United States Open TW Tournament) gave an excellent example of how powerful CLV or highscore tracing can be. Almost every act of importance has some effect on a player's alignment or experience - and almost all of these changes can be traced back to their cause.