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File name: 2_SSF.ts

Purpose: Performs the uncommon Sell-Steal-Flee routine used for red cashing between two sectors.

Trigger Point: Sector command prompt

- Fast and functional SSF between two sectors
- Fully configurable and port-independant haggle support
- Adjustable turn limiter; deactivates script when turns reach a certain point
- Automatic bust and profit calculations can be broadcasted on sub-space radio
- Cumulative steal quantity based from player experience for maximum profit
- Easy to use configuration menu
- Resistant to interference from in-game messages
- Adjustable triggering for any kind of SDF/SSF pinger script
- Tracking of fighters/shielding to prevent accidental death or podding
- Fast product sales when haggling is not required
- Automatic and intelligent port upgrades

Usage: Run this script in a standard sector set out for SSF. As per standard SSF sequence, you'll need at least 3 people to perform this routine. Get your corpmates to surround both adjacent working sectors with fighters that do not belong to you - this will make sure your ship will always be 'pinged' into the correct sector.

If you have equipment in your cargo holds, the script will make use of this. So long as your holds are not full of another type of product, the script should function properly.

This script uses a haggling algorithm that attempts to lock on to the best sell price for each port. This means that although the haggling may seem to be extremely inefficient to start with, it should improve as the routine continues its work.

Warnings: This script will make its first steal from the ship you start it in. Make sure this was not the last port you stole from.

Do not run this script at ports you have active busts at - this will fake bust you.

Do not run this script underneath ports that have been upgraded to their maximum (unless there is plenty of equipment available to steal).

Make sure your ship is well equipped with figs and/or shield before you start this script. The script should automatically terminate if your defences fall too low, although its always better to play it safe. Accidents tend to happen very easily during SSF.

Always keep personal fighters in the sectors you are working. Personal fighters will not block the 'fleeing' of your ship, but WILL make it more difficult for other players to hunt you. Many people make the mistake of leaving their work sectors empty of fighters, and pay the ultimate price for this when a rival team finds their work area because of this.

Make sure you have your steal factor set correctly. Setting it too high will cause you to bust far more than you otherwise should.

Notes: SSF is not a very widely used routine. SDT is, by comparison, far more efficient and less complex. However, there are still situations where this cashing method can become useful. Use of this routine is not advised unless you are competent with red cashing methods or you have another player to guide you.

The sequence for SSF is as follows (5 turn cycle):

1. Sell equipment to port A (1.5 turns)
2. Steal equipment from port A (1 turn)
3. Request a 'ping' from a teammate to move you to the other sector
4. Sell equipment to port B (1.5 turns)
5. Steal equipment from port B (1 turn)
6. Request a 'ping' from a teammate to move you back to the first sector

Every time your ship is 'pinged' out of the sector by another player, there is a 50% chance that you will lose an extra turn on approaching the port in your new sector. Therefore this is in theory a 5 turn cycle, but technically it can range from 4-6 turns.

In theory it is possible to make approximately 16M in one 1000 turn day using this routine. However, a more realistic figure usually is usually 10-14M if working with blue support players.

This script automates the basic sequence of SSF. You will need to set up the area yourself. "Pinging" players should use an SSF/SDF assistance script such as 2_Ping.ts