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File name: 2_Col.ts

Purpose: Colonises a planet in a large variety of ways.

Trigger Point: Planet command prompt of planet to colonise

- Fast and turn efficient support for E-Warp, T-Warp and TPad colonising
- Able to extract fuel from any source in the target planet's sector
- Automatic calculation of fuel needs
- Reliable E-Warp algorithm won't be hung up easily
- Adjustable turn limit will prevent script from running turns too far down
- Adjustable cycle limit to control the number of colonists to gather
- Calculation of target planet colonists to prevent planet from being overloaded
- Easy to use configuration menu
- Resistant to interference from in-game messages
- Safety features to prevent accidental B-Warp

Usage: Run this script from the surface of the planet you are trying to colonise. Make sure your alignment is 1000 or above, and that you control at least one fighter in the sector you are colonising.

You will need some source of fuel if you are trying to T-Warp or TPad colonise. This fuel can come from either another planet in the sector or a port (Sxx).

Your cargo holds will need to be empty when you start this script. Also make sure you have some cash onhand if you are colonising using a fuel port.

Your ship requires either a Type1 or Type2 transwarp drive to perform T-Warp or T-Pad colonising. If you are using T-Pad colonising, the planet with the transporter pad must have also have a range high enough to reach terra.

Warnings: All avoids set in the path between the sector you are colonising and terra MUST be kept clear. This is important because the script calculates its fuel needs through calculations made in the ship's computer. If your avoids are not clear you may find that the script is taking more fuel ore than it should.

E-Warp colonising is very easy to track and can be extremely dangerous. Do not attempt this in hostile games.

If your player experience is 1000 or above, it is very easy for other players to take shots at you while you colonise. The script will provide no protection against this - try to make sure your ship is heavily armed.

Experienced players may try to track your planet's location through calculations based on your colonist pickup. If you are concerned about this, try carrying 2-6 holds of organics or equipment while you colonise.

Notes: T-Pad colonising is marginally more turn efficient than T-Warp colonising. It is also faster, since the TWGS standard ship delay does not apply to it. Unfortunately it uses fully 10 units of fuel ore per transwarp hop, where T-Warp colonising uses only 3.

Naturally, having a planet closer to terra makes for far more efficient colonising. In the later stages of a game it is often a good idea to move any L4+ planets to within 5 hops of terra and use T-Pad colonising to maximise your efficiency.