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File name: 2_Find.ts

Purpose: Navigates the game in search of a particular sector.

Trigger Point: Sector command prompt

- Can be used to find bases, ports, or just about anything
- Intelligent and configurable movement algorithm able to avoid hazards
- Very configurable search sector
- Able to resume if disconnected from the server (when used with login script)
- Resistant to interference from in-game messages
- Easy to use configuration menu

Usage: Simply load this script from the sector command prompt, it will continue to wander the game until it finds a sector with attributes that match those you specify. When the sector is found, the script will send a certain string of text to the game before terminating. You could easily set this up to TWarp you back to safety in the event you are looking for an enemy base.

Your ship requires at minimal a holoscanner to run this script.

Warnings: This script is designed for high or unlimited turn games. Although the movement algorithm is relatively efficient, it is far from perfect. Scouting manually is usually far preferable in low turn games.

When set to reckless, this script will enter any sector in its path. You should avoid this setting unless you are certain the universe you are playing in is safe.

Notes: This script can be a big time saver. Recommended uses are:

- Finding a good site to build a base
- Finding an enemy base
- Finding a class 0 or class 9 port
- Finding a certain trader that was towed from fedspace
- Finding alien homeworlds
- Improving your sector map or % explored
- Dropping figs or mines around the game (just set the search sector to something that can't be found)