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File name: 2_Ping.ts

Purpose: 'Pings' fellow players when performing the SSF/SDF red cashing routines.

Trigger Point: Sector command prompt

- Automatic 'pinging' of players, compatible with almost all SSF and SDF routines
- Safety option to prevent attacking players with less than or equal to 5 fighters
- Faster option to get the job done quicker
- Fully automated calculation of attack text - all you need is a player name
- Easy to use configuration menu
- Self terminating option when bust text is noticed (from 2_SSF/2_SDF scripts)

Usage: This script is designed to be used by SDF/SSF support players that need to continually attack (or "ping") a player between sectors.

Run this script from the same sector as the player you are about to start "pinging". The script will automatically calculate the text it has to send in order to "ping" the target player. You should configure this script to trigger off the exact text the SDF/SSF player is spitting out on the radio when they are requesting a "ping" from you. The script will continue to "ping" the player until they report a bust (unless you terminate it).

Warnings: This script performs NO tracking of fighters on the target's ship unless the "Safe" option is enabled. This means it is possible to destroy the target by accident. Note that the 2_SSF/2_SDF scripts have their own safety mechanism which should prevent this, although many other SDF/SSF scripts don't. You might want to keep a close eye on the target's fighter count.

"Pinging" a red player can give significant alignment increases over time. Make sure your corp structure is suited to this before you start heavy use of SSF/SDF.

Make sure you have sufficient fighters to cause the target player to flee from the sector. Your ship must have 25% more fighters than the target has fighters+shield.

Be careful to terminate the script on completion of the red's SSF/SDF run. If you leave it running, you risk it triggering off and shooting things at a bad time.

Notes: This script works best with the two SSF/SDF script pack2 routines in TWX Proxy. However, it should be compatible with just about any SSF/SDF script out there as long as you set the trigger text properly.

For more information on SDF or SSF routines, have a look at the documentation for 2_SDF and 2_SSF.