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World SSM

File name: 2_WorldSSM

Purpose: Seeks out and automatically SSMs ports at high speed in unlimited turn games.

Trigger Point: Sector command prompt

- Automatic seeking of SSM pairs
- Extremely fast and efficient SSM
- Cumulative steal formula for maximum profit
- Fully automated, intelligent and configurable refurb process for holds/figs/shield
- Full optional haggling support
- Intelligent and configurable movement algorithm able to avoid hazards
- Reliable E-Warp algorithm won't be hung up easily
- Can drop fighters while working (configurable)
- Bust storage and tracking; busts can be saved between script executions
- Easy to use configuration menu
- Resistant to interference from in-game messages
- Automatically resumes process if disconnected (when used with login script)

Usage: Simply load this script from the command prompt in a deep space sector. Your ship must have a holo-scanner to run this script. You'll also need around 100k credits onhand to properly kick-start the SSM process (depending upon how many holds you are stealing).

Disabling haggling will allow much better performance and a quicker income. However, haggling at ports will give slightly improved turn/profit efficiency.

Note that the refurb routine used by this script will work with both class 0 and class 9 (stardock) ports.

Warnings: Ensure you have your steal factor set correctly. Setting it too low will SEVERELY impair your profit.

Be very careful about running this script in a hostile universe. The automatic fighter/shield refurb option was added to allow the script to survive while you are away from the keyboard, as it tends to travel randomly to just about every sector in the game. If you are worried about warping into a cannon or large group of fighters, it may be better to run WorldTrade instead.

This script is extremely easy to hunt. Enemy players will tend to lurk around refurb points and try to ambush or limpet you. Keep your ship well defended at all times.

Notes: World SSM still stands as the fastest money-maker in most unlimited turn games to date. Players frequently use this script to attempt early takeovers of games.

This script has (in theory) a maximum profit of 576M credits per hour under optimal conditions. However; busts, bad ports, refurb times and game edits reduce this by a massive amount. Even if the game settings are properly suitable for large scale SSM, this figure usually won't top 150M per hour.

Players will often brag that they can break 1B per hour through SSM. In later versions of TWGS, this is technically impossible. Every time a player warps between ports there is a built-in delay of at least 250ms. Therefore, even when working with ports that will provide 40k credits per equipment sale, and without ever busting once, it is impossible to top 576M per hour.