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Blue64 - 29 May 2007 at 1:45 PM  (EST)
i have been attempting to create a optimizer script for TWX Proxy to use but to no avail, I am aware that these threads dont get checked often anymore but this script is really frustrating me and i also posted my current situation about 10-6 hours ago on

i know EP was mentioning to someone else in another thread to go there since these werent being used so often, but if you (for some reason) have grimy trader blocked (did you know that to do post in the fourms you need to allow cookies)

anyway, i'll cut the small talk but check out the post in the "FedComm Fourm" "TWX Support" "TWX Scripting help/advice." and search for the comment left by Blue64

...or...just go to

and look for the post from Blue64...its the 3rd one (or should be), i'm also updating my post regularly, currently i'm giving everyone a 2nd post so i can keep em updated, but i need to find certain variables out in this:

Planet #356 in sector 10212: .
Class O-J, Oceanic
Created by: Narica
Claimed by: just ghosts [2]

Item Colonists Colonists Daily Planet Ship Planet
(1000s) 2 Build 1 Product Amount Amount Maximum
------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ---------
Fuel Ore 100,004 20 4,999 5,879 200 100,000
Organics 101,980 2 49,010 1,000,000 0 1,000,000
Equipment 200,000 100 0 765 0 50,000
Fighters N/A 111 3,600 387 246,340 1,000,000

Planet has a level 6 Citadel, treasury contains 0 credits.
Military reaction=10%, QCannon power=5%, AtmosLvl=10%, SectLvl=0%
-=-=-=-=-=- TransWarp power = 14 hops -=-=-=-=-=-
████ Planetary Defense Shielding Power Level = 0 ████
Planetary Interdictor Generator = INACTIVE
-=-=-=-=-=- TransPort power = 1 hops -=-=-=-=-=-

Planet command (?=help) [D]

I'll attempt to bold them, this is a exact cut and paste from the game of the planet that made me want to create this optimizer. if you wanna see what my standby looked like:

goto :

:) little TWX scripting pun there :)

sorry if i am hogging space but compare it to the size of my post there, thats how much space i've saved.

well...back to scripting...(i REALLY dont wanna...but i do need figs) if anyone reading this post or those (now 2) posts knows how to fix this lil problem (and preferably knows a lot about scripting ^_^) then please reply with the solution because i'm stumped, or even just a


and a

findVar (?how?)

chunk of script because if i can manage to get that then i'll

1 put it up on
2 post its full (and working) contents here
3 it you send me a e-mail with "Trade Wars" in the subject ( then we can fire back and forth a few questions i may have, but if i'm already trying to make a universal planet optimizer, the 2.0 would let me transfer the colonists to a new planet in the same sector and 3.0 would allow me to t/e warp them to a planet in another sector (cit4+ shouldnt need that function) and 4.0 would include a trip to terra if it cant find "> $optimize" planets. 5.0 would be a pretty big script but to be honest i think it would be enough to make some pretty advanced scriptors blush, i'd be integrating everything from finding veriables to figuring out when its express warp has hit a snag (i notice there is a pay to do that that wasnt released *whistles innocently*) to e-probing ahead to find a safe route (i'll include that when my optimize starts using warps)...hmm...scratch that, it finds out if your route is safe first then loops into a express path (starting the loop AFTER the e-probe, VERY cred saving!)

i've babbeled enough, c ya in Trade wars
6k turn game
11 ppl (1 evil)
tons of Reaps and Specs, few ATs and Ferrengi
1,100 worlds, mostly abandoned...(most high lvl cits)
feel free to join

Blue64 - 30 May 2007 at 12:50 AM  (EST)
^_^ happy NEW day!!! i figured it out thanks to a small segment of:

# TWX Script Pack 1: Move fighter script (1_MoveFig.ts)


# check if we can run it from here
cutText CURRENTLINE $location 1 14

if ($location <> "Planet command")
clientMessage "This script must be run from the surface of a planet"

is always handy for a optimizer :) and so is this:

# get the planet number for the planet we're on
send "d"
setTextLineTrigger 1 :getPlanet "Planet #"
getWord CURRENTLINE $planet1 2
stripText $planet1 "#"

but in the end here is what i have that wound up being the half finished (but still properly working) product:

cutText CURRENTLINE $location 1 14

if ($location <> "Planet command")
clientMessage "This script must be run from the surface of a planet"

setvar $Ear "M"
setvar $Des "K-BE"
setvar $Oce "O-J"
setvar $Mt. "L-E"
setvar $Ice "C-EJ"
setvar $Vol "H-KEJ"
setvar $Gas "U-GJ"
setEventTrigger 0 :End "Connection lost"
setDelayTrigger 1 :scan 2000
setTextTrigger 100 :End "Blasting off from"

killTrigger 1
send "D"
setTextLineTrigger 2 :grab "Class "

getWord CURRENTLINE $class 2
stripText $class "Class "
stripText $class ","
goto :filter

if ($ear = $class)
goto :ear
elseif ($des = $class)
goto :des
elseif ($oce = $class)
goto :oce
elseif ($mt. = $class)
goto :mt.
elseif ($ice = $class)
goto :ice
elseif ($vol = $class)
goto :vol
elseif ($gas = $class)
goto :gas
goto :end

echo "um...*I HAVENT FINISHED Earth Type CLASS YET!"
goto :end

echo "um...*I HAVENT FINISHED Desert wasteland CLASS YET!"
goto :end

echo "um...*I HAVENT FINISHED Oceanic CLASS YET!"
goto :end

echo "um...*I HAVENT FINISHED Mountainous CLASS YET!"
goto :end

echo "um...*I HAVENT FINISHED Glacial CLASS YET!"
goto :end

echo "um...*I HAVENT FINISHED Volcanic CLASS YET!"
goto :end

echo "um...*I HAVENT FINISHED Vaporous/Gaseous CLASS YET!"
goto :end


and there you have it :) ^_^ happy day and it is 12:39 AM, i get the impression that this day is either gonna be ruined and totally blow or its gonna be a great day!

i'm gonna submit it to now.

i hope i get a lot of downloads for it :) i'll list it under the "other" class. i'll describe it as "half finished low grade optimizer, possible to finish in Wordpad"