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The Warriors Guide to TWX Proxy, Part 2 - Burst
Author: Xide Updated: 1/08/2001

I would have to say, out of every feature in TWX Proxy, my favourite and my most used would have to be the burst. I've had a number of people comment that burst is the best feature of the program - and I fully agree with them.

Burst gives you the power to move at the fastest speed possible in the game. It takes all the text/commands you key into it, and sends it all in one network packet. This is ideal for so many things, both combat and non-combat.

How to use burst

Press your terminal menu key (usually this key is $), then press B to get to the burst prompt. You can type in whatever you like here. When you press enter to complete the line, everything you typed in will be sent to the TW server in one 'burst'. To denote enter, use the * character.

For example, lets just say I want to launch a genesis torpedo using burst. I would press $ to get to the terminal menu, then B to get to the burst prompt. I then key in the line: uy.*c

... and hit enter.

If I want to blow the planet up right after I make it (planet busting), I'd key in uy.*clzdy* instead.

Non-Combat Examples

Burst has alot of non-combat uses. This is because of the ability to easily repeat your last burst by pressing R in the terminal menu. The terminal menu won't close after you press this, so you can keep sending away. This makes burst perfect for those irritating repetitive functions in TW that just aren't worth writing a script for.

Example 1: Planet Busting

Burst is better than any planet bust script. It gives you the flexibility to successfully bust however many planets you like, in any ship in the game, with anyone trying to shoot you. For a minute, lets just consider ourselves a lonely little red sitting on the stardock, desperately needing to bust planets to build up experience to make cash with. Now just picture all the big nasty blues sitting their in the ISSs with their attack locks on us, just waiting for us to blast off so they can put an end our existance. Assuming the people trying to shoot us know what they're on about, maybe it would be best to bust 1 planet at a time. From the stardock prompt, we could key in the burst:


This would cause us to go into the emporium, buy a gentorp and a detonator, then blast off, launch the gentorp, land on the planet, detonate it, then land back on the dock. If your observant, you'll notice that there is no planet ID in this burst. That means if our ship has a planet scanner, or if theres multiple planets in the sector, this burst will fail (and probably get us killed). This is why we make sure we have a planet number in the burst, just to be safe. Assuming the planet #50 is at the stardock, we use:


If your even more observant, you'll notice that this burst will fail if there is more than 5 planets in the sector (or whatever the max planet setting is). This is why if we consider this a threat, we add an extra N during the gentorp firing, as so:


What we have here is a nearly indestructible planet busting sequence. Go into the terminal menu and tap R a few times and watch your experience fly.

If the risk of getting shot isn't very high, you might want to try busting 5 planets in one go. This will save you turns in the long run, although because of command per second limits is somewhat riskier than the above method. For example:


Example 2: Buying Shields

Buying shields is a repetitive task that occurs often enough to be annoying, but not often enough to be a priority script to write. I've always bursted by way through this as if done right, it really doesn't take long at all.

In this scenario, assume we're in a havoc gunstar on a L5/L6 planet in a sector with a class 0 port. Making sure we have enough cash onhand to buy the shield with, we could this from the planet command prompt:


Going into the terminal menu, we could then bash R as many times we you want, each time buying an extra 300 planet shield (and reducing our cash onhand!).

If we don't like the idea of being shot while doing this (thus losing all our cash), it might be a good idea to pick cash up out of the citidel while we buy the shield. For example, from the citidel prompt:


Combat Examples

Burst is the most useful combat tool I can think of. You simply can't beat being able to execute attack moves at impossible speeds while other players struggle with their macros or smash keys rapidly in an attempt to defend themselves.

Example 1: Rapid Fig-Attack

One of the most common and most dangerous moves in any game is attacking enemy toll figs with a hostile online. As soon as you hit the fig, you facing being pwarped, photoned, macro attacked, interdicted, or a whole host of other nasties. Burst is easily one of the safest ways of getting you in and out without subtracting 19 from your ship's density.

Lets just say we're at the stardock. The game opened 10 minutes ago and theres half a dozen people blocking the dock in scouts. You've got a corpie coming in to dock in a merchant freighter, and the last thing he/she will need is to get hung on a toll fig next to the stardock and bashed by a scout. Assuming we're at the command prompt, and the sector we want to clear (sector 50) is right next to us, we could go into the burst and key in:


The above would warp into the sector, attack with 9 figs, drop a corp fig, then retreat back to the stardock. You could do this for every sector around the stardock and make a real pain of yourself.

Now lets just say its our turn in the freighter, and we need to get out through the blockade to trade. We lock in an express warp to some sector, then at the prompt where we would press E to engage warp, we could key in the burst:


This would blow us through the toll fig and out to safetly. If you wanted to be sure there were no more toll figs in your path, you could extend it a little bit:


Example 2: Rapid Attack

In our next scenario, we're the corp killer stationed at the stardock. Lets just assume theres a nice juicy red sitting on the stardock, trying to bust planets at a snail's pace. They are busting fast enough to avoid us getting a full attack in on them, but not fast enough that we couldn't hit them with a macro (or a burst!).

Assuming we're in an ISS with at least 10k figs, we lock onto the player sitting above our target on the attack list and key in the burst:


Next time they blast off, we hit enter and watch the pod fly. Note that this move leaves you extremely vulnerable to corbomite.

Burst is a very powerful and flexible tool. I feel that without it I would be nothing but a dead Xide.

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