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The Warriors Guide to TWX Proxy, Part 3 - The Database
Author: Xide Updated: 9/08/2001

The TWX Proxy database is a far more flexible tool than many people give it credit for. The database stores all the relevant information you see. This data can then be accessed either through the terminal menu, or through scripts.

Example Uses of the Database

Example 1: Remembering Sectors

Ok, so maybe you've been playing this game for years, but your memory still isn't great. You've just found the enemy base and forgotten where it was. Now theres one of three things you can do to find out where that base was:

1 - Check your terminal scrollback. Better hope you havn't done too much since you last saw it!

2 - Run through your log files. A process that could take hours, and you might not even have it logged.

3 - Use the TWX Database!!

Because TWX stores every sector you've seen, all you really need to do is go into the terminal menu and list all the sectors that match certain criteria. If your playing in a game where there aren't many mines lying around, and the place you found had a mine in it, then check for all sectors with mines! If you'd done a density scan on the sector and it had alot in it, try searching for every sector with a density > 10000. The database is in most cases an excellent substitute for a pen and paper.

Example 2: ZTM

ZTM is one of the most popular tools in TW. Almost every helper supports some form of ZTM. TWX Proxy's method of ZTM is very free form - the actual mapping is done using user scripts.

ZTM works in TWX Proxy by storing warp calculations. With every warp calculation you make in the ship's computer or the CIM menu, TWX stores the warps out from every sector and adds this to a growing picture of the game. When there is enough information available, you can use it to find bubbles, plot warp courses internally (v1.08b), gain information for scripts, export it for teammates, etc.

So technically, all a ZTM script is in TWX is a script that will plot thousands of warp courses around the game. 1_ZTM uses a method of avoiding previous plots to ensure 100% map reliability.

Example 3 Furbing Your Reds

Lets just say we're a blue furber. We've got a red we're running through the process, and with them being trapped in a colt they obviously don't have much of a picture of the game around them. So its up to us to pick them up and tow them to a new port every time they bust.

If we're working the same area every day, normally the best approach would be to keep a map on paper showing all the ports in the area we can work at. But with TWX, we don't need this. Using the terminal menu, its never been easier to check up on the sectors around us and find a nice xxB port our red hasn't busted at yet. This can save alot of writing, or CI/CR operations.

On top of these, the database also gives you the ability to easily get game information into scripts - meaning you can write advanced queries or attack scripts by yourself. I'll be covering this in later tutorials.

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